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About Us

About US

Hello, clash of clans players, my name is John and I’m a big fan of clash of clans, and the creator of this site. I started to work at this site 6 months ago when I heard from a friend that he need gems for clash of clans, I tried to help him and I created a tool which generate unlimited amount of gems and the site. He told me that he lost everything at this game, and I showed my work to him and he is on top now. I’m 19 years old and I’m a student at computers science in my country. I decided to start this site because I always lost my buildings, and to win at this game you need to have more gems than your enemy.

This cheat give me opportunity to learn more about this game and about programming, and also give me the opportunity to be one of the best players at this game. I’m on the first 100 and many people are there with my help, and I’m happy for it. I really hope that my site helped you to be a better player.